Thursday, April 21, 2011


Hey. I know, we been away from our blog. :( :( :(
It's just that the internet on the bus is really a pain, it keeps disconnecting all the time. Hopefully it will work now.
So, we played really amazing gigs in the past couple of days. SF was farrrrking cool, Coachella was orgasmic and Pomona gave us all butterflies. Then we had to cancel Scottsdale gig due to a conflictual agenda, we spent a whole day inside of the bus going from Arizona to New Mexico, we spent last night at Las Cruces and here we are again, in da bus, heading to San Antonio in Texas. We just crossed a check point with Board Control officers, it sucked. First cos they were amazed that the Brazilian passport is blue, cmon. Daaah. Second cos it was so early, it was really confusing, hey, who are these guys with guns inside the bus? Damn it, I hate guns.
So, from now you can expect us to write a bit more about this tour here.
We love you, keep catching us live! We'll have great times.