Friday, February 27, 2009


I'm sure nobody besides his girlfriend Leah was happy that this josé guy won. 
What's up with him stealing Stefan's foie gras?
I just noticed he existed when him and Leah were making out and loving each other for 2 episode and as soon as they kissed they were hating each other. Hahaha. That was his best contribution to Top Chef season 5. PLUS their tension was the reason why Arianne, the cougar, was eliminated. "Bacon is a vegetable"??!?!?! What an ass.
This finale was such a debbie downer that i'm not looking forward for the next season. 
He totally can't make a dessert. Helloooo?!!?


She's Australian!
Oh, yesterday in Melbourne was fucking awesome. So many gays! We love the gays, dancing gays specially. Gays, come dance with us! We gave a hairspray bottle to the tall dancing gay yesterday. 


Cmon. Tell me the truth. Been a while huh? We were resting! Lots of beauty days, lots of cooking, "Little cook, big cook". I ain't got cable home, it's hard to watch Judge Judy everyday. Come dine with me... no. I prefer Balamory, that little red tractor. Well, whatever, who cares? 
We're in Oztralia! It was pretty hard traveling 25 hours to get here and now it's even harder to get over the jet lag. But we're playing tonight! YAY! Big YAY! YYAAYY. And Vicky Lee is coming to our gig tonight! 

She's fierce and hot. She's like New Zealand's PamAnd. Only better cuz she's our friend.
Ok, I better be going. You behave. If I get too drunk I'll be back to write some more.