Thursday, April 21, 2011


SO TODAY IS ONE WEEK SINCE WE'VE ARRIVED IN U.S.... First day in San Francisco we wandered around town, went to Tartine, Sushi Land and saw PJ Harvey playing at Warfield. Next day was the first gig at Mezanine with Princeton and Hot Tub. I didn't know Hot Tub and I loved it. They are really fun girls. The music was so bad ass. We've been listening to one of the cds they gave us here in the bus.
After was Coachela and it blew my mind.
See, I'm trying to write a diary here...
well... the coolest thing I have to say is that we have a side project called DJ POOP.
This name is something Luiza always wanted to use and didn't had a chance yet. We needed a secret name for a CSS dj set so we all went for DJ POOP.
So if you see that DJ POOP is approaching your town come around cuz it will be the shit.

Sorry this post has no photos because I need to develop anything first.