Tuesday, April 26, 2011


THIS IS ROBERTA, She is our friend for a long long time. She got in our gang because her and Adriano been hanging out for the past 2 decades.
She is the reason why we named our album "Donkey". SHE IS the friend who would call people "hey you donkey, this is wrong" instead of "you stupid".

She is awesome. She is selling our merch in this tour... come and say "hi" to her.
You can also see her on the insert of "Donkey".
She is very sweet and funny. And if you do something stupid she might call you a donkey.
We gonna invite her to be a contributor at this amazing blog.
Her column is going to be called "UNKNOWN BRUISES"... she had this idea after all of us started getting those since the tour started.

Roberta sporting the 2008's "ugly" tshirt in Houston Warehouse live 2 nights ago.

Roberta eating a pork chop in the bus

Roberta hanging with the trash in Houston