Sunday, February 27, 2011

Our own private Tina Turner

Adriano and Lovefoxxx always complain that I never post here.
So, I figured I should post something in honour of our greatest divas.

You probably heard about Gal Costa and Maria Bethania, and you might know Rita Lee from Os Mutantes and Baby Consuelo from Novos Baianos, but you probably don't know that we have our own Tina Turner.

Her name is Tina Pepper, and she is currently retired. This is her hit song:

Another Brazilian Diva is Katia Cega, or Katia the Blind. She was a big hit in 1987. Her godfather is our own Frank Sinatra. His name is Roberto Carlos.

Finally, the last Brazilian diva I wanna share with you is Neuzinha Brizola. She is the daughter of a famous deceased Brazilian politician. Her hit song, Mintchura, have been an amazing inspiration. The lyrics are both classic and classy. It's about when you're invited to a party, and then you go to a sketchy place and realize the party is not true.
The poetry of the begining of the song is something you can only compare with the great Lyricists: "Cheguei no baixo-gavea solteirinha e assanhada da silva/Depois do sexto chopp pinta um broto me chamando a atenção"
Unfortunately I cannot translate this, because, like Finnegans Wake, it's too hard, but trust me. It's amazing.
Below is the video. She already sung on the Telephone 20 years before Lady Gaga.
Unfortunately, due to her drug abuse, Neuzinha is no longer on the show bizz.