Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Matt and Adriano

LET ME TELL YOU A LITTLE THING ABOUT ADRIANO... He must have 9 suitcases at his house. If he has less than 9 it's because he gave away some. Every tour is the same thing, he travels with a smaller suitcase to be practical but at the end he always has to buy a new one to fit the stuff he bought during the trip. This time, during the Big Day Out, we were approaching the end of the tour and he was still with the same suitcase. I was mesmerized... but then GOD wanted him to keep up with his tradition and made Quantas break his case. Quantas got him to fix it but it didn't happen and then... yes! It happened again. He got a new suitcase. 

Maybe all of this happened on this last trip so that Suitcase #10 could meet it's soulmate... Matt's suitcase.
I recently heard Matt and Kim's new album and I loved it! It's not THAT new... but it's pretty new for me. I really love the new version of "Silver Tiles". I played in Kyoto at the GanBan party and I think it was the most glorious moment... 

Changing the theme of the post...

I got these "ZOMBIE MINTS". I'd buy pretty much anything that has a good picture of a brain on it and also because it says "Mmmm! Brain Flavor!". I opened this morning and it smelled really skanky. Kinda like Cheetos... but mixed with pee, ketchup and powdered soy sauce (is there such thing?)? So of course I had to eat it. It tastes really bad... I had to spit it out. I will try to like it. If I was the maker of this I'd make it taste like blood.

The End