Tuesday, March 8, 2011



He lived with Adriano for 2 years, now he lives in my house.
He says "Hi" and he's fine.
In my old apartment he stayed by the window
when it was sunny and he was happy,
That's what he did to me:
He'd project all this glorious dots and triangles all over my room.
I'm now working on the artwork for our new album... so it made me think of when I was making the Donkey.
You know... we have thought about giving the Donkey away... we thought about leave it somewhere... But we never made it.
At one point I was really going to dump it (he's kinda big and always off balance) and my friends Thama and Bruno said he could stay at their office until I found a place for him... At the end I didn't leave him anywhere... He's with me and that's it. I could finish his other side (the otherside is just plain black. hahahaha). Or restore his only side... it's falling apart a bit.