Saturday, October 30, 2010


HEY GUYS, seeing this old school CSS DIY stuff made me a little nostalgic for the times we just used to do everything ourselves - and we still do it but in different circumstances - in whatever way that we could (xerox, cd-rs, cheap stuff) with all of our heart and in a way changing our lives and the lives of people around us for no other reason than wanting to be happy and creative and share (rather than having a career, making money, getting famous etc).

As a kid in Brazil and with some representation down there by the hardcore/homocore scene, I remember Riot Grrrl as something that I could relate to some extension (maybe not entirely), but still, BIKINI KILL, BRATMOBILE, HUGGY BEAR and other not so riot grrrl entitled bands and people - INCLUDING ALSO SOME MEN, one of them being Adriano himself with his amazing band Thee Butchers Orchestra- that empowered people and women (L7, Hole, Runaways, Slits, Luscious Jackson, Raincoats etc.) being so important for me as a young girl, to see that it was more than possible to make things and be who you are and have a place in this world.

I just read this really great book on the RIOT GRRRL subject/history. It's really specific and tells the story from an american/insider/girl point-of-view but also with a critical and analytical eye.

The name of the book is GIRLS TO THE FRONT, by SARA MARCUS.

Although Riot Grrrl is a very serious "movement", what stayed with me after reading this book was not that I should start a riot grrrl chapter in my town (also that I should not forget the feminist issues since being a woman you live it everyday), but pure inspiration about doing things and never giving up on that great necessary young romantic energy, even if you want to be as successful as Madonna and don't believe in this small scene kind of thing.

In times when communication made the underground a totally different thing(yet not a bad thing if we know how to use it), it feels great to be reminded of going back to the roots of passion about doing things. In that sense it reminded me of the documentary "The world of Keith Haring".

It's a cool book about punk culture and hopefully girls AND BOYS that feel lonely on their own paths everywhere in the world can feel inspired by it, or just anyone will learn more about the subject and have fun while doing it.