Sunday, October 17, 2010


Have you seen it?
I designed one flat for Melissa (and the other was a customization of one their model "numa")
I'm kinda bad with keeping up to date. The RAT Melissa (customized) was released like a year ago (hahahaah) and the FOX Melissa this year (I think... hmm... yeah.)
If you are not familiar with these shoes. Let me tell you:
They smell like bubble gum. When I was a kid I had them and last year before making the shoes I went to their factory for a meeting and it's amazing... because the whole place smells like bubblegum.
The shoes are 70% recyclable and the ones that comes out with imperfections goes back to be melted and turned into perfect shoes.

The RAT shoe was very polemic as far as I know... But yeah, that's what I wanted. Didn't want to please everyone at the same time.
I wanted to make something I'd want to wear if I was a teenager. What's wrong with a RAT? It's not a real rat y'all... it's plastic.. helloo?!?!! Why would it have to be a bow or a heart? Fuck you! I ended up seeing that all the girls that liked my RAT sandal were the "weird" girls... and that made me so happy. It was the girls I would be friends with if we were on the same school... so if you don't like it... go back to your cherries and your cute bows - which there are plenty around, anywhere, everywhere - because I don't give a fuck.
Here are the sketches and then final product!
(click to enlarge!)

The FOX flats are pretty cool too. Since it's a Jelly shoe I made with plenty of "airy" spaces so the feet won't sweat that much. There's actually a "bow" in the back... but it's the fox whiskers holding the shoe to ur feet!