Thursday, July 22, 2010


If you read what's in the blog tittle image you'll see that it says "IT DOESN'T LOOK OFFICIAL BUT IT IS" well... we mean it!
So many people ask what's our official website and I'm afraid to say it is this one. Hahahahahah.
It's is 100% dopeness and oficial business that we bring and discuss daily here with you all.

Our facebook is


Our email (you can send write us! tell us secrets, scan draws) - I gotta tell you that we don't check it daily. But we DO check!
csshurtssuxxx (at)

And that's pretty much it.
Remember that skit of SNL? Where they have stupid domain names because everything else was taken? I tried to find on utube... but it isn't there!
Do you think we need to register a domain? What should we get?!!?!?!?!
We are in a group crises to be honest... because we can't come up with the name.... fuck. It's all Beyonce's fault.
YOu know that if we weren't called "Cansei de ser sexy" we'd be called "ACHAVA QUE MYRIAN RIOS FOSSE VIRGEM" which means "I thought Myrian Rios was a virgin". This one was Adriano's call. But then we were "who the fuck is Myrian Rios". He was the only one who knew.
Here's a photo of her anyways... (from what google images showed me I guess that nowadays she's a Jesus person... just like katy perry)
The end.


And which better way to finish this post than with a photo of Jake gyllenhall and Spaghetti Cat?!?!?!!!?!

I'm out!