Saturday, July 31, 2010


I took this photo from the hotel room in Shibuya. It's one of my favorite photos I've ever taken.
Every time we go to Japan I stay for as much as I can after the gigs... I'd wake up, go near Tokyu Hands shibuya and eat a CHOCO-CROC (It's a chocolate croissant but it's different from all others... It's the best! And sometimes when you are lucky enough you can get it freshly made and it's warm!!!!!!!). Then drink espuresso and eat a bata tosto!!!!! Then go to LOFT and buy stickers, pens and duct tape then to Aoyama and Harajuku and eat ice cream and/or a crepe!!!!!!!!  Green tea the whole day, then Anna Sui and Tsumori Chisato a thousand times and LOFT again for the bath salt section! And eat eat eat eat and Karaoke at night!.... And after everyone is drunk, it's time for DONKEY to buy things we'll never use! Hakkae Sannnn I miss you! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahsdfadsjfha
The end.

I miss NIHON!
Enjoy your weekend kids!