Thursday, August 20, 2009


The first suitcase I took on tour was a multicolored benetton that I loved.
It broke after a year... And I was pretty sad when it happened. So I did a little homage to it in a hotel in NY.
I left it resting on my bed as I checked out.
With the date of it's death on a note saying "R.I.P August 3rd, 2007" - which was that very same day.
I left the room feeling pretty good like "yeah... I'm so artistic and shit" and when I mentioned what happened to the band they were like "ARE YOU INSANE?! THE CLEANER WILL THINK IT'S A BOMB AND THAT'S THE DAY OF HER DEATH!!! YOU CAN'T DO THIS... MOSTLY IN NY"
Then I felt pretty stupid.
The end.