Wednesday, August 5, 2009

big J

It's so good to be in Japan again! We been here for a week now and we ain't leaving any soon.
Yesterday we went signing our new remix album at the Tower Records in Shinjuku and it was so damn fun. But so damn fun indeed was our party at the boat! We're so fancy here... we had a party. In a boat. That looked like a spaceship. With free sake. And we djayed for two hours and the best part was cruising under the bridge dancing to the Macarena.

Still got two more days before the first gig at Summersonic! Here are some beautiful pictures I took here.

Sanae and Tomomi from KSR.


This is Mitiko! You go girl!

Doing the Macarena.
(yeah, i know I could have rotated the picture, yeah...)