Friday, June 22, 2012



I dreamt a farmer friend of mine started working as John Wesley's assistant. It was very surreal for me as Trevor can't paint. I asked how he got the job; he said it was word of mouth followed by an interview. 
Wesley had a different approach to a job interview. He wanted Trev to bring a friend of his. Then Wesley would interview the friend about Trev. 
In my dream Trevor didn't have any friends as he had recently moved to NYC (the dream was set in NY). So he would look out of his window trying to befriend his neighbors. He didn't achieve any success as people would ignore or close the windows on him. So he got a tidy-ish homeless man to be his friend at the interview. It worked.
In my dream I was listening to all of it and I asked if Trev could hook me up to intern at his studio as he couldn't paint a thing.
I woke up before meeting John Wesley 
(insert sad face)

The End.