Wednesday, May 4, 2011

TOUR UPDATE 1 (or 2?)

Dear Everyone, It's Lovefoxxx here reporting to you dearly from Ashville.
Today was a wonderful day. I woke up too late for my taste and went for a run.... I ended up at Aston park where some homeless watched me do my circuits. An old guy with white hair and a ponytail came where i was to play tennis so I shared the court. Then I came back and had lunch at a place that had a wonderful food for only 10 dollars. They served me on a real plate and that made me happy. I hate when you go to deli and they give you a paper plate. 
Then I went to the farmer's market where I saw a hot tall blond guy coming out of a car drinking coffee on a thermal metal mug. I think that it was coffee. Maybe he wasn't that hot and it all happened in my mind. 
The show was so amazing here at the Orange Peel. I love this venue... I love this Biltmore street. It's the second time we come back... first time was in 2006. 
Derek and Alexis are so so nice. Lovely folks... is great being on tour with them!
I have photos to post... but they are all in film and I need to develop it
I'm tipsy now. It's me, Ana, Carol, Luiza and Roberta in the bus dancing to DJ Anxious. (aka Luiza playing on her ipod and always changing the tunes before they end). 

❝bad bad boys come with me... 
yeah... uh huh... yeah uh huh uh huh... ❞