Saturday, February 27, 2010

EARTHQUAKE........ (and PISCO)

Hey babes. We survived the 7th largest earthquake in history. It SUCKED. FOI UÓÓÓÓÓÓÓÓÓÓÓÓÓÓÓÓÓÓÓÓÓÓÓÓÓÓÓÓÓ. And we are desolated that we are not djaying anymore today. That's a bit selfish considering the gravity of the situation. The airport was destroyed and we are stuck here in Santiago. But luckily we are being really well pampered by Roberto Parra (click on the name and check the blog) and Nicolas Castro.


The radio station where Nicolás works, Horizonte 103.3 had a promo. And we want to send our love to the winners.

We love you all and we are concerned with your well being. Remember, YOU'RE A SURVIVOR, YOU'RE A BELIEVER, YOU'RE A SURVIVOR, KEEP ON SURVIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BTW, isn't it crazy the begining of this video??? SOMEWHERE IN THE SOUTH PACIFIC...

oh, fucking hell.